Plants are God’s gift to humankind. Some plants are considered lucky plants for home while others, not so lucky! Be it your office, home, work desk, plants add liveliness and a touch of green to the surroundings. They make you feel close to nature and destress you.

Which plants to grow in your home depends on the interior and aesthetics of your home. Plants will not only purify the surrounding air in your home but will also bring a sense of positivity and good luck to you and your family.

Here is a compilation of lucky plants for home that bring good luck to your everyday life.

12 Best Lucky Plants For Home

If you ask me personally, all that is gifted by God in its natural form is lucky for you. However, some cultures & practices have identified a few plants that are believed to bring good luck if planted in your homes.

There are scientific reasons behind why some plants should not be grown indoors. Hence those plants were named the plants that bring bad luck in the house.

Some plants are considered lucky plants as per Feng Shui. Others are lucky as per Vastu.

As per Feng Shui, there are plants that balance the ecology around them and hence bring positivity in the surrounding area.

Here are some of the common lucky plants for home that you can consider buying for your home.

Money Plant (Best Among Lucky Plants for Home)

Lucky-Plants-for-Home-Money Plant

Money plants are one of the most loved indoor lucky plants for home. They are loved by many for the fuller look and beautiful vines that grow out of the main branch. They are really easy to propagate.

The amazing heart shape of this plant makes it stand out in the crowd. The leaves grow in clusters which is considered good luck by Feng Shui.

Have you ever asked someone ” What plant represents good luck ?”. Well, the money plant is an obvious answer.

They are low-light plants. They are considered indoor lucky plants. They can be kept on your office desks to radiate positive energy.

Money plant is considered a Feng Shui lucky plant. It brings good luck as per Vastu Shastra too.

These plants are believed to bring wealth and prosperity to your family if positioned in the right place and direction.

Read this article on Money Plant Vastu to know more about it.

Snake Plant (Sanseivieria)

Snake Plant Lucky Plants For Home

Snake plant, also called as Sansevieria plant is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to your home.

It is an indoor lucky plant. It is essentially a succulent plant and needs very little care to survive. It can survive in drought conditions for a very long time.

So if you want to bring luck without much effort, snake plant should be your choice!

Snake plant has stunning long patterned pointed leaves that are smooth in texture and hard in build like many other succulents. They can survive in a wide variety of climatic conditions from full sun to shade, partial shade, etc.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm Plant

When we talk about lucky plants for home or lucky plants for office desk, Areca Palm tops the list because of the forest kind of look and feel it brings with itself.

The beautiful leaflets falling off in different directions symbolize the spread of good luck in all directions and areca palm is one of the most loved indoor lucky plants.

Many consider it to bring prosperity and wealth, hence you can find this plant almost in any other office space in India and elsewhere as this is one of those lucky plants which can be kept indoors without much hassle.

IArec palm is also a low-maintenance plant with a minimal care routine.

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are known to bring balance into the surroundings you live. They are believed to bring wealth to your home apart from purifying the air indoors. They attract wealth, prosperity, and good luck.

It is one of the plants of the Ficus group. The scientific name of the rubber plant is Ficus Elastica.

It has rounded oval silky smooth leaves with dark green or burgundy shade.

As per Feng Shui, rounded leaves are a sign of good luck and hence rubber plant is considered an indoor lucky plant.

They are also low light, low maintenance plants and can grow up to a height of 10 ft.

Jade Plant / Crassula

Crassula Jade Plant Lucky Plants for Home

Jade plants come in numerous varieties and are considered to bring good fortune and prosperity.

Jade plants are essentially succulents and need very little water to survive. Their stems are like that of trees. They can be converted to Bonsai.

The leaves of the Jade plant are dark green in color and are thick with a padded look. When under-watered, the leaves tend to shrink.

These plants do not like to be overwatered else the roots will start rotting.


Jasmine Plant Good Luck

Jasmine plants are flowering plants that bring love, appreciation, good luck and prosperity to your home.

The flowers are very fragrant and bring positivity to the surroundings. They reduce stress, anxiety and help you relax.

Jasmine flowers are normally white spin-wheel-shaped. They grow in clusters.

They are basically tropical plants native to Asia. They like warm climates to grow.

To know more about growing a Jasmine plant, read this article on Crepe Jasmine.


hydrangeas luck plant for home

Hydrangeas are lucky plants for home that are believed to bring fortune and good luck to the family. They symbolize happiness and gratitude hence are considered to spread positivity in the surroundings.

Hydrangeas grow in clusters forming a beautiful bouquet-like structure that is hard to resist. They are pure miracles of nature that spread charm all around.

These shrubs produce flowers of various colors ranging from white, pink, blue, etc.

They are easy to care for and love partial shade conditions to grow.

They can grow to a height of up to 10 ft.


Orchids Lucky Plant

Orchids are beautiful flowering plants that are believed to increase the luck of your family.

Many believe violet orchids are the luckiest and auspicious variety amongst all other orchid varieties. They are one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing lucky plants for home.

They also symbolize creativity and zeal.

The leaves of the Orchid plant grow at the bottom of the stem and flowers grow along the length of the stem

Curry Leaves Plant


One of the most useful lucky plants for home, the curry leaves plant has multiple benefits and uses.

Apart from being a fragrant addition to many culinary preparations around the world, it has got a multitude of health benefits.

It is considered to be auspicious and brings positivity to the family.

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Tulsi / Basil Plant

Tulsi-Plant-Care-Guide-Basil Plant

Basil plant or more commonly known as Tulsi plant (in India), is considered a holy and lucky plant for a home. In Hindu culture in India, you will find this plant in almost every other household.

Tulsi plant is considered to bring prosperity to your family members. It is considered very auspicious.

If you wish to have lucky plants in front of the house, then Tulsi or Basil is your lucky plant of choice.

It is a very easy-to-grow plant. It comes in various varieties.

Read this article on Tulsi Plant to know more about how to grow the Tulsi plant.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily Lucky Plants For Home

Peace lilies are an amazing addition to your garden and home. Not only do they enhance the aesthetics of your home, but the white flowers of peace lilies also bring peace and calm to your home. They are a must addition to your collection of lucky plants for indoors.

Peace lilies can be sometimes dramatic in terms of the care they need. For many, they grow peaceful in one pot for years, but for others, they behave like drama queens.

They do not like to be repotted often and do not like a sudden change of place where it is kept.

Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plant good luck

Bamboo plants are also one of the top contenders when it comes to making a list of indoor lucky plants for home or luck plants for the office.

They are also known as ribbon plants and are normally used as lucky plants for office desks. They are abundantly available in markets in pruned forms potted in small glass flasks with a ribbon tying a bunch of branches together.

They need very little sunlight to grow and hence can be kept as indoor lucky plants.

They can be a beautiful gift to someone who appreciated nature and its beauty.

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