Money Plant Vastu: Money plants (Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum) also commonly know as Pothos are considered to bring good luck, wealth, and prosperity to a dwelling as per Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui.

Vastu Shastra is an Indian traditional system of architecture and design that combines nature with architecture.

If you look closely, Vastu Shastra is meant to design your house in a manner that it receives ample and sufficient light and air.

Money plant, being an Air Purifying Plant, helps to keep the air clean inside the house. NASA has approved it as one of the best air purifying plants as it absorbs the common air pollutants found inside a household like formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, etc. Therefore, you see, why the money plant has gained a prominent place even in Vastu. Money plants are normally kept indoors from Vastu’s perspective.

Money plant vastu is one of the important aspects of every other Indian household.

This plant is characterized by its beautiful and lush green heart-shaped leaves which are believed to bring prosperity to a house.

Vastu experts believe that money plants should be grown indoors as they bring positive energy to the house. They help Overcoming Financial Hurdles and help one to grow wealth.

Money plant in the home is also considered good as it Absorbs Harmful Radiations emitted by gadgets such as television, laptops, etc.

 Money plant at the sharp corners of your home helps Reduce Anxiety, Depression, And Stress. It is also believed to help resolve arguments and insomnia.

It is believed that if the Vastu/Feng Shui of your money plant is correct, it will help hold and attract more wealth and prosperity to your home.

Money Plant Vastu Direction

As per Vastu Shastra, the placement of money plant in your home is of utmost importance and therefore the direction in which you keep the plant should be chosen with care.

Right direction for Vastu for money plant helps energy to flow freely indoors.

When kept at the north entrance, money plant is believed to bring new career opportunities and sources of income. Ideal direction to keep the money plant is in the southeast direction of hall/living area/room as per both Vastu and Feng Shui.

According to Vastu Shastra, southeast direction is ruled by Lord Ganesha and planet Venus. Ganesha is believed to be good luck and Venus is believed to bring wealth as per Vastu Shastra. Hence Pothos is kept in this direction.

Northeast or East or North or West directions are not considered suitable for keeping the money plant.

Keep your money plant in blue or green coloured vases. Avoid red or yellow vases. Red or yellow are believed to block the positive energies and blue is believed to attract wealth.

Where To Keep Money Plant At Home

Many architects and interior designers consider keeping money plants in the living room as an integral part of their designs.

Keeping your money plant in bedroom is also considered a good option.

Keeping your money in the bathroom also can be a very good idea because the bathroom provides an ideal humid and warm enclosure for the money plant to thrive. It helps improve/uplift your mood.

Vastu and Feng Shui Tips

  1. Avoid keeping the money plant near a red object or kitchen as it is believed to take away the luck and wealth the money plant brings with it.
  2. Grow the plant indoors only and not outdoors.
  3. Grow the money plant in blue/green vases or pots.
  4. Place the plant in a manner so that the leaves do not touch the ground.
  5. Prune your plant yourself. Do not allow others to prune the plant as you will give away your wealth to others who prune it.

For more useful tips, please visit this YouTube video.

Uses & Benefits of Money Plant

Benefits of keeping money plant as per Vastu are as follow:

  1. Money plant attracts wealth and prosperity
  2. Acts an air purifier
  3. Absorbs harmful radiation emitted by artificial gadgets at home.
  4. Its shape and color bring peace and a natural look to the house.
  5. Considered very good from an interior designing perspective
  6. Reduces stress, insomnia, etc

Other Vastu Plants for Money/Wealth Growth

Here are 10 plants which are considered good by Vastu Shastra experts and can be grown at you home:

  1. Coconut, Pine, and Lemon
  2. Sandalwood Tree
  3. Basil (Tulsi) plant
  4. Bamboo Plants
  5. Rose plant
  6. Jasmine plants
  7. Plum blossom plant
  8. Neem plant
  9. Snake plant
  10. Peace Lily

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