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Drip Irrigation: Introduction & Advantages of Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation is a method of watering plants/soil drop by drop at slow rates (around 1-20 liters per hour) for a longer duration. It is a kind of micro-irrigation system. It involves small diameter plastic pipes with emitters or drippers… Continue Reading →

Peepal Tree: Complete Information About Ficus Religiosa

Peepal Tree or Ficus Religiosa is commonly known as Sacred Fig in English. Peepal is the Hindi name of Ficus Religiosa. Peepal tree is native to the Indian subcontinent and regions around this area. It is mainly a warm climate… Continue Reading →

Lucky Plants For Home: 12 Best Plants To Keep in Your Home

Plants are God’s gift to humankind. Some plants are considered lucky plants for home while others, not so lucky! Be it your office, home, work desk, plants add liveliness and a touch of green to the surroundings. They make you… Continue Reading →

Viral Diseases of Plant: Symptoms, Prevention & Control

Viral Diseases of Plant are very common and can be found in your surroundings. Many of the plants around you can be examined and diagnosed with viral infections. Viral plant diseases are caused by viruses that especially infect the plants…. Continue Reading →

Gardening Tools: 20 Most Common Tools Used for Gardening

Gardening Tools are gardener’s best friends. Be it pruning your plants to make them bushier or to remove diseased branches, be it using a wheelbarrow to carry your plants from one place to another to using a shovel to dig… Continue Reading →

Hydroponic Farming: What is Soilless Farming & How to Start Hydroponics at Home?

Hydroponic Farming is gaining momentum worldwide. Why? Many countries in the world do not have optimum conditions or resources to grow food like insufficient landmass for agriculture, infertile soil, harsh climatic conditions, etc. Hydroponic farming or hydroponics comes as a… Continue Reading →

Plant Nutrition- What Are Fertilizers & How to Choose the Right One?

Plant nutrition is one of the most important fields to understand if you are a passionate gardener. What are fertilizers and how does it provide nutrition to plants? We frequently hear the terms fertilizers, manures but often do not understand… Continue Reading →

Urban Garden: 10 Best Tips In 2020 To Make Your Small Space Green

Urban Garden is a concept that has been in existence for quite some time. However, it has gained popularity very recently given the exponential increase in population and pollution levels. This has resulted in an increase in pressure on urban… Continue Reading →

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