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Drip Irrigation: Introduction & Advantages of Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation is a method of watering plants/soil drop by drop at slow rates (around 1-20 liters per hour) for a longer duration. It is a kind of micro-irrigation system. It involves small diameter plastic pipes with emitters or drippers… Continue Reading →

Anjeer Tree- How to Grow Fig Tree at Home?

Anjeer Tree or Anjir or Anjeer ka paudha is a sub-tropical plant known for its health benefits. It is consumed as a dry fruit in many parts of the world. The scientific name of Anjeer is Ficus Carica. The word… Continue Reading →

Red Peace Lily: How to Grow Anthurium Andraeanum?

Red Peace Lily is commonly called Anthurium Andraeanum or simply Anthurium. Is Peace Lily & Red Peace Lily the same? The blooms of both Peace Lily & Anthurium have striking similarities with a central spike growing from the base of… Continue Reading →

Mogra Flower: How to grow Jasminum Sambac at Home?

Mogra flower is a very popular flower in the world known for its strong sweet fragrance. These pure white spin-wheel-shaped waxy flowers are so fragrant that they are used to prepare certain perfumes. They are widely grown as ornamental house… Continue Reading →

Patharchatta Plant (Kalanchoe Pinnata or पत्थरचट्टा): Grow Guide and Patharchatta Uses

Patharchatta (पत्थरचट्टा), also known as Kalanchoe Pinnata in English, is a popular plant known for its medicinal properties. It is a beautiful houseplant with many health benefits. In Ayurveda and Homeopathy, Patharchatta plant (Patharchatta ka Paudha) is considered a medicinal… Continue Reading →

Chilli Plant / Mirchi Plant Care: Information & Grow Guide

Chilli Plant or Green Chilli Plant also called as Mirchi Plant in Hindi, is a very common household plant in many parts of the world. Green chillies find use in multiple cuisines around the world and are used extensively to… Continue Reading →

Peepal Tree: Complete Information About Ficus Religiosa

Peepal Tree or Ficus Religiosa is commonly known as Sacred Fig in English. Peepal is the Hindi name of Ficus Religiosa. Peepal tree is native to the Indian subcontinent and regions around this area. It is mainly a warm climate… Continue Reading →

Lucky Plants For Home: 12 Best Plants To Keep in Your Home

Plants are God’s gift to humankind. Some plants are considered lucky plants for home while others, not so lucky! Be it your office, home, work desk, plants add liveliness and a touch of green to the surroundings. They make you… Continue Reading →

Camellia Japonica / Japanese Camellia: Plant Care Tips & Guide

Camellia Japonica, a beautiful flowering shrub and an ornamental houseplant, is used as a landscaping plant in my parts of the world. Camellias are queens of winters. It belongs to the plant family Theaceae. Camellia Japonica is also known as… Continue Reading →

Tulsi Plant Care: How To Grow Tulsi Plant Faster

Tulsi Plant is considered a holy plant in many parts of the world. Tulsi Plant Care is easy and this article intends to demystify the Care of Tulsi Plant for you. I will give you some secret tips on how… Continue Reading →

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