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Curry Leaves Plant : How To Grow & Care For Curry Leaf To Get Abundant Leaves

Curry leaves plant (scientific name Murraya Koenigii) is known for its extremely aromatic leaves which are used across the world to add a uniquely pungent flavor to dishes. It is widely used in India, South East Asian countries and various… Continue Reading →

Coriander Leaves: How To Grow, Heath Benefits of Coriander, Uses of Coriander?

Coriander leaves (known as Dhaniya, Kothimbir, Kotimear in Hindi) are a popular herb across the world and have a wide variety of uses in cooking. Uses of coriander leaves include the preparation of chutneys, garnishing dishes, coriander water, etc. There… Continue Reading →

Crepe Jasmine / Chandni Flower Plant / Tagar Plant: Grow Guide

Chandni Flower Plant (Tabernaemontana Divaricata) is a beautiful flowering shrub native to India. It is also called Crepe Jasmine/ Crape Jasmine in English. It is also known as Tagar plant, Tagar Tree, East India Rosebay, Nero’s Crown, Moon Beam or Carnation of India . It is an evergreen shrub native to India. Chandni flower is …

Growing Mango Trees From Seeds: How To Germinate

Mango, affectionately called the king of fruits, is also the national fruit of India. It comes in different varieties. All varieties have a characteristic fruity taste. Mangoes are used across…

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